ZGS-F/35 wind changes with the U.S.box
Product Details


ZGS□ -F/35 series of wind turbines with a combined transformer(hereinatter referred to as combined variable) is a wind turbine components will be sent to the high voltage of 0.6-0.9kV after 35kV, and net output of special equipment. Different from the traditional box-type substation, the high voltage load switch, fuse, and high-voltage components and the transformer device body, no circuit tap were sealed in two separate oil chamber, the structure by Minato. According to the configuration of low-voltage power distribution needs.

The product is used in a variety of wind power sites, are the best supporting wind power systems products.

Using the environment conditions

1 .Coling: Air from the cold 2.Use conditions:

Outdoor ambient temperature is not high-pressure 40, not less than -25℃. Altitude of not more than 1000m, the average monthly temperature does not exceed 30, the average temperature does not exceed 20℃. At 25. Air humidity of less than 95% compared to an average of no more than 90% of the month.

Level of acceleration is less than 0.3g, the vertical acceleration is not greater than 0.15g.

Installation environment should be no contamination, non-explosuve, corrosive gases and dust, the installation site should be on severe shock and vibration. Require the installation of the concrete platform or other flat, solid platform.

Note: Other than the technology, by the user and the company consultations.


Small size, compact structure, easy installation;

Full closure, full insulation, a reliable guarantee for personal safety;

Can be used for ring can also be used for the terminal, conversion convenient; Low damage, low noise, superior performance;

Box using security structure;

Low temperature rise, overload capability.