About us

      HuaXia Transmission and DistributionEquipment Co., LTD. is one of the manufacturing firm which producing largeelectric equipment. It located in ZheJiang province which called ‘ElectronicProvince of China’, this is the province has beautiful sign of Yandang mountain,rich and qualified human resources and good natural resources.

     Company established during the time of Chineseeconomic striving age, firm has 30,000m2 land for fully skilled employeesworking. Management staff s have 21 person, technical team with 16 person and workforcemaintain 300 people. 80% of employees have college degrees. The principle ofthe company following ‘based on trust, technical improvement, sustainabledevelopment, customer satisfaction’. Take quality of products as the life ofthe organization, with this point of view each products all satisfied Chinese governmentstandard, passed ISO9001:2000 quality management system, CCC and CQC qualification.With good products and well services the organization has achieve 2 hundredmillion sells. HuaXia has sell products all around China, Southeast Asia andMiddle East regions. During the country building the electronic web, the organizationalso has contributed great force.

     When the organization facing the variablemarket and great opportunities, HuaXia and everyone inside the organizationholding still its principles, keep itself in the strategic structure, keep improve,keep innovation, forward the future and build the glory history.